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Garden Design

Garden Design

Garden design is the creative and practical process of planning layouts of gardens and landscape. Garden design may be done by the owners or by Lighthouse Landscaping but for the best finish a collaboration between the two is most effective.

A number of factors need to be considered whilst designing a landscaping project:


You, the customer

Ultimately this is your garden and should be a reflection of your personality, giving you what you want and what you need. In order to make this work, we at Lighthouse Landscaping need to know you, find out more about what you want from your outside space and try to reflect your character into your garden. This requires time to talk informally, discuss different options in the design and seek to give you the best experience and most effective design for you.



Lighthouse Landscaping try their utmost to carry out their work quickly and efficiently. To do this requires time to stop and consider the best course of action. We believe that ‘Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance’ and by this we feel strongly that the time we take in preparing a project can both save money and ensure a smooth finish and successful outcome.


Purpose of the Garden

The garden is an area that can be used in a number of different ways. From ornamental and aesthetic designs, to practical uses or themed gardens, the style of garden you want can be designed and created with you in mind. Again, this comes with knowing you and what you want from your outdoor space.



The scale of a project is a considerable factor when designing gardens. The larger the scale of the project, the more time it will take, the more materials may be required, the more money it could cost. Lighthouse Landscaping endeavour to address this area before work even commences in order that you, our client get the best quality for your money.

Garden Design on the Isle of Wight